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bandomclaims's Journal

I am the ___ of lj bandom
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1. First come, first serve.
2. One claim per person. Except mods, because I said so. Mods get 2.
3. When making a claim, use the format I am the [Person's Name/Band Name] of LJ Bandom.
4. Due to incestuous band member overlap, multiple claims of one person are allowed. For example: Midtown!Gabe and Cobras!Gabe, MCR!Frank and Leathermouth!Frank, etc.
5. State your claim somewhere in your journal or profile and link back to your original post here.
6. If you decide to give up a claim, please PM a mod so we can free up claims for those who want them.
7. If there is a demand for a band not listed, we reserve the right to edit the list at any time.